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Media and Publications

We offer our clients a spectrum of products and ideas that best suit their needs.

We truly believe in the power of permission based marketing, but sometimes focusing on just one form of exposure doesn’t always fit every client. That is where our spectrum falls into place. From print to cloud to broadcast television. We have the right media for your business.

Podcast Advertising

Laugh it off with Craig Shoemaker

LaughitoffsmFinally, health care you can afford! “Laugh It Off” is a Webcast/Podcast focused on experiential laughter and the   healing effects it has on our mind, body, and spirit. Using his tools as a minister, doctor, Love Master, and award winning veteran of comedy, Craig will take your calls, emails, and tweets to administer the appropriate cure for whatever ails ya.

Advertise On the Show: Craig Shoemaker offers Live Reads, sponsorship links to their podcast page, and on-air mentions with product placement.  

Pricing and spot availability for the Laugh it off Podcast, please contact our sales staff sales@advisoryconcepts.net


The Super ___ Show.

Fusing what we thought was cool about radio in the past, with the new music, new media and whole lot of energy.

Special Features: The Kip Coola Beach Report, Man on the Street, Weekend Events and a lot more..   Lets have fun!  The show is clean and FCC approved. Dude!

Advertise On the Show: We’re on the street with your logo!  We talk to people on the walk. Were out there promoting you, while talking up the show.  Sponsor sections.  The Kip Coola Beach Report,  The New music Lounge, and the Weekend Update.

Pricing and spot availability for the The Super_____Show please contact our sales staff sales@advisoryconcepts.net


MORE SHOWS are coming.


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